Ronaldo won the award “Best Player of the 21st Century”

The Portuguese superstar was honored to win the Player of the Century award at the Globe Soccer awards in Dubai.

During the awards ceremony in this middle east country, Cristiano Ronaldo excellently defeated other famous names such as Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho or Salah to win this noble individual title. For football viewers, this is a worthy acknowledgment for what this superstar has shown in the period from 2001 to now.

In 20 years of peak competition in this century, Cristiano Ronaldo has become a symbol of the world football village. He has reaped countless big and small titles, most notably 5 Champions League titles (1 in Man Utd and 4 with Real Madrid), 3 Premier League titles with Man Utd, 2 championships. La Liga with Real Madrid, twice won the Scudetto with Juventus. In the national team, Ronaldo also reached the top of Europe with the Euro 2016 and UEFA Nations League 2018/2019 championship with Portugal.

After being honored, Ronaldo personally proved very excited. The striker on the Juventus payroll shares:

“I’m really happy and happy to be awarded this title. It is not easy to be at the top when competing with many other excellent players. I am really proud of what I have achieved. However, my success today has been greatly influenced by my teammates, the coaching staff and the fans”.

In the category of coaches, Pep Guardiola is honored with the award “The best military leader of the century”. He once made football viewers ecstatic by turning Barcelona into a symbol of beautiful football before moving to lead Bayern Munich, Man City later and achieve countless successes.

In a number of other notable award categories, Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick was honored at the 2020 Best Ruler award. Meanwhile, Robert Lewandowski owns the Player of the Year award in 2020.

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Football prediction before round 15 of Premier League

The harshest phase of the planet’s No. 1 tournament will begin later this week when clubs will have to compete with dreadful density.

As usual, Christmas and New Year are the time when English football viewers see live football as the “festive season”. In the context of other major tournaments entering the winter break, the No.1 tournament in the fog country continues to take place and teams will have to play with a frequency of 3 days / match.

The first match of the “Tourmalet” before the new year will be the encounter that attracts great attention from people watching football live between Leicester City and Man Utd. This is a match to determine the second place of the table and is an opportunity for football prediction experts to recognize the chances of competing for the championship of the two teams with Liverpool this season.

In the context that Leicester and Man Utd have to live and die together at King Power, Liverpool of course is the name that benefits. The top team will have a display to welcome the penultimate Premier League team, West Brom at home, and a victory for coach Jurgen Klopp is not surprising.

Another great battle is also very interesting in round 15 is the London Derby between Arsenal vs Chelsea. Unlike the glorious reputation in the past, the encounter between the two great men of the English capital no longer attracts much attention from football viewers because Chelsea and especially Arsenal have weakened. seen this season. If you continue not to beat the Blues next Sunday, it is likely that coach Mikel Arteta’s chair will no longer be guaranteed.

In some other notable matches in round 15, Man City at home will have an easy match against Newcastle. Similarly, Everton also has a rather gentle trip to Sheffield Utd’s yard. Meanwhile, Tottenham in the context of a slowdown in form will have a trip that makes it difficult for visitors to come to the field of a difficult opponent to play Wolves.


Identify the encounters in the round 1/8 Champions League

The draw ceremony for the 1/8 round of the Champions League 2020/2021 brought a lot of interesting and interesting matches. Join our soccer prediction experts to evaluate the team’s chances of going forward in each match.

Monchengladbach vs Man City

I wonder if there is an invisible force behind or not, but once again, Man City falls into a fairly easy bracket in the knockout round. The visit to Monchengladbach reminds the Green Man many beautiful memories when he defeated the representative from Germany in the 2015/2016 season.

Although Gladbach has successfully overcome the difficult group with the appearance of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but football experts still rate Man City much higher. With better force and experience in the European arena, The Citizen can completely reach the goal of reaching the quarterfinals if they play properly.

Lazio vs Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is definitely a name that no team in group 2 wants to meet. They are currently the champions of the Champions League and still maintain the same destructive form as last season. Therefore, people who watch football live have partly seen the “sad ending” for Lazio.

Despite a spectacular return to Europe’s No. 1 arena, but with the encounter with Bayern too early, Lazio’s chances seem very small.

Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

This is one of the matches that is considered the most attractive in the eighth round. Despite playing impressively and excelling at the top of the table, Chelsea is quite black when it comes to the most potato opponent in group 2 called Atletico Madrid.

With forces of the same level, Atletico Madri and Chelsea will certainly bring a dramatic and attractive showdown. Football experts believe that coach and coach Frank Lampard with his innovation this season will be able to make a story.

RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

RB Leipzig went on to prove that they were one of the four best teams in Europe last season was well deserved. Being in the same group as PSG and Man Utd, however RB Leipzig played great and directly sent the red devil away from the Champions League in a very convincing way.

The Cow Herd will be a big challenge for Premier League champions Liverpool. However, with their level, The Kops are still the most appreciated ones. In particular, playing the second leg at Anfield’s home field will be a big advantage for coach Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students when RB Leipzig is not playing well on away land.


Solskjaer responded to Mino Raiola

In response to Mino Raiola’s provocative words on Tuttosport 2 days ago, Coach Ole Solskjaer made a sharp speech.

On the eve of the very important match for Man Utd before RB Leipzig in the Champions League took place, the live football viewer could not help but shaken with the words of “super stork” Mino Raiola. Specifically, he said the relationship between the Reds and his client Paul Pogba has come to an end. He shared that the French midfielder would not sign with the Old Trafford team and the best way is that Man Utd should let his client go in the January transfer window if he does not want to lose him in the summer of 2021.

Immediately after Raiola’s speech was widely reported by the media, Paul Pogba continued to be “out of the way” by coach Ole Solskjaer during his trip to Germany last night. After the match, the Norwegian military leader said that the failure to enter Pogba’s name in the starting lineup was purely for expertise, not for any other reason.

However, after the team received defeat and was eliminated from Europe’s No. 1 arena, Ole was still very angry with Mino Raiola. During his post-match press conference, he said:

“This is truly a painful failure. However, the team is still fine. We are a united group and the most important thing now is to get through this difficult period together. Hopefully, the Pogba representative will be aware that football is a sport that requires solidarity and for the better, we have to work hard together. This will be the last time I mention this because I don’t want to waste my time on nothing.

I cannot answer for Paul whether he is currently happy or not. If you want to know that, you will have to meet him in person to ask. I just knew that he was working hard to get back into the roster. This is not the right time to talk about a transfer”.


Ronaldo scored above Pele, about to become the No. 2 goalscorer of all time

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially surpassed Pele in the number of goals and has a clear chance of becoming the best goalscorer in football history.

Juventus won the ticket from the previous match but still had a strong and easy 3-0 victory over Dynamo Kiev to keep their hopes of taking the top of Group G group stage of the Champions League. Federico Chiesa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata each score 1 goal to help Juventus have 12 points after 4 games, they are 3 points behind Barcelona but have a chance of winning the first place if they win the last match.

With the goal scored in the 57th minute of this match, Cristiano Ronaldo has set new milestones in his career. It was his 750th goal in his career, both at club level and at the national team level, in which 75 goals were scored for Juventus (accounting for exactly 10%). In fact, Ronaldo may have surpassed the total goals he scored at MU if he kicked another season, CR7 scored 118 goals for MU in 6 seasons from 2003/04 to 2008/09.

Ronaldo has on average scored 0.77 goals per game for Juventus, in fact the highest goal rate of any player who has played for Juventus in the past 50 years. Omar Sivori, Roberto Baggio, Filippo Inzaghi and David Trezeguet all have a scoring rate exceeding 0.64 goals / game and they are all illustrious players who once wore the “Old Lady” shirt.

Currently Ronaldo needs 15 more goals to overcome Inzaghi in the list of the top 15 greatest striker of Juventus, Inzaghi has scored 89 times in the period 1997-2001. CR7 could also make it to the top 10 by Federico Munerati, who scored 113 in 1922-1933, just 38 more than Ronaldo currently has. It should be added that Paulo Dybala, Ronaldo’s teammate, had 95 goals and took 14th place.

But most notably, the Portuguese superstar overcame Pele to officially become the third best striker in world football history. The last goal is Ronaldo’s 768th goal at all levels (including youth club and youth team), surpassing 767 goals of “Soccer King” Pele. Not only that, Ronaldo only needs 5 more goals to surpass another Brazilian legend Romario in second place, who has 772 goals.

1st place is still difficult to break when Jose Bican, a Czech legend playing in the first half of the twentieth century, has more than 805 goals and his number of goals is said to be more than that because he played in World War II and the exact numbers cannot be counted.


Because Maradona, Argentina left for three days of national mourning

Before the huge loss after the death of football legend Diego Maradona, Argentina vowed to mourn his country within three days.

Last night, the world football village received a real shock when it was heard that the legendary Diego Maradona died after a heart attack, enjoying the age of 60. Many stars as well as live football viewers have been extremely sad because Maradona is a symbol of the ball and the inspiration for many generations of players.

For Argentina alone, Maradona is simply a saint, a national treasure. Therefore, when he heard that this legend breathed his last, many tears rolled down the cheeks of a football lover in the country of Tango. A lot of fans gathered at Obelisk to say goodbye to “Golden Boy”, who brought the world championship to Argentina in 1984.

According to the information published by Ole, the President of Argentina, Mr. Alberto Fernandez, has decided to spend 3 days to organize national mourning over the country to commemorate the great monument of world football. This decree was passed by President Fernandez as soon as Maradona said goodbye to mortality.

Sharing about the loss of the whole nation, President Alberto Fernandez was extremely shocked and moved. He said:

“What a bad day. Up to now I still can’t believe this is true. Really this is information that no Argentinian wants to receive. We all love him and hope he will be so happy in heaven. Maradona’s legacy will never be lost and will always last with time”.

Currently, there is not any information about Argentina will hold a funeral for Diego Maradona. According to Ole, it is possible that the leader of this country will hold a funeral at a large stadium to express their regret and affection for the Golden Boy.


Ibrahimovic generously gave a special gift to his teammates in Milan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed his generosity by giving special gifts to his AC Milan teammates at Christmas time.

Video game enthusiasts all know, on November 19, the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 was released. The wait was so great that the first warehouses in Europe ran out of space in minutes on all electronic websites.

While the PS5 wasn’t available to everyone, Ibrahimovic quickly ordered and handed the console to each of his teammates. Samu Castillejo, Mateo Mussacchio and Rafael Leao all posted a picture of PS5 on Instagram and thanked Ibra.

Musacchio and Castillejo simply write “Grazie!” (thanks), while Leao expressed her feelings: “Thank you GOAT for the present”.

In response to Ibrahimovic’s action, fans nicknamed the Swedish striker “Zanta Claus” at a time just over a month from Christmas.

Ibra is clearly not only the leader on the pitch but also in the Milan dressing room. At the age of 39, he scored 8 goals in 5 games this season, including a super kick with a bicycle kick against Udinese.

American scientists made a surprise proposal to Zlatan Ibrahimovic to find out the secret of his very strong knee.

Doctors of the Medical University of Pittsburgh (USA) suggested that Zlatan Ibrahimovic allowed them to study the body to find out the secret of the player’s very strong knee.

In 2017, Ibrahimovic suffered a very serious knee ligament injury in the match MU against Anderlecht in the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Many people doubted Ibrahimovic had to retire at the age of 35 because of this serious injury.

But the Swedish striker still believes he can come back stronger. He took more than 9 months of treatment to return to the field and continue to conquer new milestones in the colors of LA Galaxy or AC Milan.

At the age of 39, Ibrahimovic is still the leader to help Milan rank first in Serie A this season after 6 rounds with an unbeaten record, winning 5 and drawing 1. He has 7 goals and 1 assists in just 4 games.

Ibrahimovic’s unbelievable toughness surprised many experts in the medical world. “Zlatan’s knee is so strong that the doctors say they have never seen a knee like that,” the representative Mino Raiola revealed in the Expressen newspaper. He has one knee that almost impossible for 20 years football players to get. It is healthy and has almost no internal harm.


Belgium’s team suspects that Real Madrid uses “dirty moves” to protect Hazard

Many members of the Belgian team are doubting Real Madrid using “dirty moves” to help Eden Hazard avoid injury due to the FIFA virus.

The source of the HLN television channel (Het Laatste Nieuws) said that the members of the Belgian team are doubting Real Madrid using “dirty moves” to protect Eden Hazard. They do not believe that Hazard has contracted COVID-19.

This suspicion comes from the time Real Madrid announced Hazard was infected and the time the Belgian had to stop playing. Hazard was positive for COVID-19 just before Real Madrid’s match against Valencia in La Liga.

Real Madrid announced that Hazard and Casemiro were infected with COVID-19

Under current prevention rules, Hazard will be quarantined for at least 10 days. This time is enough to help Real Madrid players avoid playing in the next three matches of the Belgian team this month against Switzerland (11/11), England (November 15) and Denmark (November 18).

That coincidence gives the Belgian team a reason to suspect Real Madrid deliberately made a fake medical record to protect his star.

In fact, the conflict between the two sides appeared from the international series in September. The Belgian team eliminated Hazard from the list of play due to injury during training but kept the player, not returned to Real Madrid. .

This makes Hazard’s injury recovery process take longer than expected. After that, Real Madrid announced that they did not want the Belgian team to summon Hazard because this was not in line with their plans.

Remember, Hazard has involved seven injuries since joining Real Madrid last season. Constant injuries caused the Belgian to take 240 days off and miss 34 matches. This is one of the main reasons why Hazard did not play well in his first season with Real Madrid.

Hazard has only just returned to play after more than two months of sidelined treatment. He scored a beautiful goal against Huesca and has a good connection with his teammates. Therefore, coach Zidane of course does not want Hazard to return to the Belgian team at this time and face the risk of injury due to the FIFA virus.


Chelsea super goalkeeper made MU – Rashford discouraged

The performance of goalkeeper Edouard Mendy with Chelsea in the great battle with MU was extremely excellent. The £ 22million rookie of the West London team has discouraged high-form striker Marcus Rashford.

The performance of rookie Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy is much more appreciated than David de Gea. The Whoscored page scored 7.2 for the Senegal goalkeeper, with De Gea 6.5 points, even though both kept clean sheets.

Edouard Mendy’s performance against MU convinced the most demanding audience. According to statistics from ESPN, the visitors’ “keeper” has a total of 4 saves, De Gea’s number is 1. Without the focus from start to finish of the £ 22 million goalkeeper , especially at the last minute, maybe Lampard’s team failed.

Edouard Mendy’s performance against MU was a bit “malfunctioning”. In the 30th minute of the match at Old Trafford, the score is 0-0. Goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, after receiving the ball from midfielder Kurt Zouma, was caught by 2 MU players.

The contract of 22 million pounds of Chelsea confidently passes to Thiago Silva in a very open position. However, the handling phase of the goalkeeper born in 1992 made Chelsea fans startled when they almost brought the ball to the home net. Fortunately for Mendy and Chelsea when the ball went all the way across the cross border.

But above all, it was still a great personal match for Mendy. And even more special, all 4 matches that this rookie in the Chelsea’s restricted area, the West London team kept a clean sheet.

Remember before the match against MU, Mendy was the first Chelsea goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet in both of his first Premier League matches since Petr Cech did it in 2004. And after the MU match, Mendy even tried to extend that record himself.

Before making Marcus Rashford and MU stars regret, in France, Edouard Mendy made the attacking stars like Neymar and Mbappe silent. Last season, he helped Rennes finish third in Ligue 1.

Last season’s statistics show that Edouard Mendy could be an upgrade over Kepa. The Senegalese goalkeeper conceded 32 goals last season, less than Kepa (59). The success rate of Edouard Mendy (69.8%) was also much higher than that of Kepa (58.5%). Besides, Mendy only conceded 5 goals from outside the penalty area. Kepa picked up the ball 12 times in the net when facing shots from afar!

It is worth mentioning about this young goalkeeper. Just six years ago, Edouard Mendy suffered unemployment after the expiration of his contract with French fourth-tier team Cherbourg. Wanting to challenge the new club, the representative at that time “painted” a beautiful prospect to bring Mendy to a club in the English second division.

But Mendy soon discovered that the promise was false. One year unemployed, Mendy was forced to consider giving up football to do something else for life. The only thing that kept Mendy in football is because of his endless passion.

Edouard Mendy searched for where he started and practiced without pay for a year. That club Le Harre, which has trained him since he was 13 years old. And now, Mendy shines brightly in the biggest Premier League match, before also in the Champions League front.


Arsenal won the Europa League: Coach Arteta declared war on MU

Arsenal just had a convincing 3-0 victory over Dundalk in the second round of the Europa League group stage. 3 points obtained at Emirates help coach Mikel Arteta extremely excited and confident before the great battle with MU.

Following Dundalk at home, coach Mikel Arteta only uses young players and a reserve factor. The team from the Republic of Ireland tried hard but could not create enough resistance against London’s “Gunners”.

3 goals at the end of the first half and the second half engulfed Dundalk and helped Arsenal get all 3 points in the second match of Group B Europa League this year. Notably, the 3rd goal of the home team is really a super product to satisfy fans.

The in-form striker under Mikel Arteta’s reign, Nicolas Pepe, has scored one of the most impressive goals since joining Arsenal. The stage of the Ivory Coast star made Mr. Arteta extremely excited.

At the beginning of the second half, Nicolas Pepe received the ball at the edge of the box. He kept the ball under his shoes very technically, before putting the ball in the top corner of the Dundalk goal with his right foot. The 25-year-old striker’s exemplary handling phase has made everyone admire and give many praise.

“It was a beautiful goal. It was scored with his right foot, his non-dominant foot, it was strange. However, it was exactly a great goal,” coach Arteta told BT Sport. Pepe’s 3-0 victory also helped the Spaniard feel more confident before the “great war” match with MU in Round 7 of the Premier League this weekend.

“We didn’t have a hard win because we played more disciplined and did exactly what we set out to do from the start. The way we lost to Leicester is so painful. You need to get back to winning streak soon. All are ready for the match at Old Trafford and we will try to win that match, ” said Coach Arteta.