African football has a headache with the missing of national players

African football is having a headache over news that Eritrea’s soccer players went missing in Uganda in a regional tournament.

AFP quoted the statement of an East and Central African Football Association (CECAFA) official on Tuesday, saying that five Eritrea players had disappeared while traveling to Uganda to attend a tournament in the region and were likely trying. Asylum. Eritrea has been banned from Africa’s football leagues in the past because its players often fled while playing abroad.

Rogers Mulindwa, a CECAFA official, told AFP that the five players had been missing since September 29 and that efforts to track down the whereabouts are underway. Police have conducted a search around the Jinja area in eastern Uganda, where players were last seen, including several players from other teams. The official declined to say whether the players had disappeared to seek asylum.

Eritrea was accepted back to CECAFA in May after a 6-year ban due to tensions with Ethiopia. In particular, football of this country has been banned from other leagues of the black continent in the past because the players are constantly fleeing.

In 2015, Botswana granted asylum to 10 Eritrea footballers when these people refused to return home after their match with the national team. Earlier, in 2012, 18 Eritrea players applied for asylum in Uganda after a match in the country. Six other players fled while competing in Angola in 2007 and another 12 did the same thing in Kenya in 2009.

Millions of football fans are watching the AFC Africa Cup 2019 in Egypt, and the Black Continental football championship is always a tournament that attracts a large number of football fans and professionals. especially in Europe. It is also the third largest tournament in FIFA’s official tournament system after the World Cup and European Cup.

Often held in the winter, this is the first time the African Football Cup has been held in the summer, with outdoor temperatures sometimes reaching 40 ° C. But the African Football Confederation has decided to change so that African players who play abroad can join the full team.