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Football prediction before round 15 of Premier League

The harshest phase of the planet’s No. 1 tournament will begin later this week when clubs will have to compete with dreadful density.

As usual, Christmas and New Year are the time when English football viewers see live football as the “festive season”. In the context of other major tournaments entering the winter break, the No.1 tournament in the fog country continues to take place and teams will have to play with a frequency of 3 days / match.

The first match of the “Tourmalet” before the new year will be the encounter that attracts great attention from people watching football live between Leicester City and Man Utd. This is a match to determine the second place of the table and is an opportunity for football prediction experts to recognize the chances of competing for the championship of the two teams with Liverpool this season.

In the context that Leicester and Man Utd have to live and die together at King Power, Liverpool of course is the name that benefits. The top team will have a display to welcome the penultimate Premier League team, West Brom at home, and a victory for coach Jurgen Klopp is not surprising.

Another great battle is also very interesting in round 15 is the London Derby between Arsenal vs Chelsea. Unlike the glorious reputation in the past, the encounter between the two great men of the English capital no longer attracts much attention from football viewers because Chelsea and especially Arsenal have weakened. seen this season. If you continue not to beat the Blues next Sunday, it is likely that coach Mikel Arteta’s chair will no longer be guaranteed.

In some other notable matches in round 15, Man City at home will have an easy match against Newcastle. Similarly, Everton also has a rather gentle trip to Sheffield Utd’s yard. Meanwhile, Tottenham in the context of a slowdown in form will have a trip that makes it difficult for visitors to come to the field of a difficult opponent to play Wolves.