Identify the encounters in the round 1/8 Champions League

The draw ceremony for the 1/8 round of the Champions League 2020/2021 brought a lot of interesting and interesting matches. Join our soccer prediction experts to evaluate the team’s chances of going forward in each match.

Monchengladbach vs Man City

I wonder if there is an invisible force behind or not, but once again, Man City falls into a fairly easy bracket in the knockout round. The visit to Monchengladbach reminds the Green Man many beautiful memories when he defeated the representative from Germany in the 2015/2016 season.

Although Gladbach has successfully overcome the difficult group with the appearance of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but football experts still rate Man City much higher. With better force and experience in the European arena, The Citizen can completely reach the goal of reaching the quarterfinals if they play properly.

Lazio vs Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is definitely a name that no team in group 2 wants to meet. They are currently the champions of the Champions League and still maintain the same destructive form as last season. Therefore, people who watch football live have partly seen the “sad ending” for Lazio.

Despite a spectacular return to Europe’s No. 1 arena, but with the encounter with Bayern too early, Lazio’s chances seem very small.

Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

This is one of the matches that is considered the most attractive in the eighth round. Despite playing impressively and excelling at the top of the table, Chelsea is quite black when it comes to the most potato opponent in group 2 called Atletico Madrid.

With forces of the same level, Atletico Madri and Chelsea will certainly bring a dramatic and attractive showdown. Football experts believe that coach and coach Frank Lampard with his innovation this season will be able to make a story.

RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

RB Leipzig went on to prove that they were one of the four best teams in Europe last season was well deserved. Being in the same group as PSG and Man Utd, however RB Leipzig played great and directly sent the red devil away from the Champions League in a very convincing way.

The Cow Herd will be a big challenge for Premier League champions Liverpool. However, with their level, The Kops are still the most appreciated ones. In particular, playing the second leg at Anfield’s home field will be a big advantage for coach Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students when RB Leipzig is not playing well on away land.