Arsenal won the Europa League: Coach Arteta declared war on MU

Arsenal just had a convincing 3-0 victory over Dundalk in the second round of the Europa League group stage. 3 points obtained at Emirates help coach Mikel Arteta extremely excited and confident before the great battle with MU.

Following Dundalk at home, coach Mikel Arteta only uses young players and a reserve factor. The team from the Republic of Ireland tried hard but could not create enough resistance against London’s “Gunners”.

3 goals at the end of the first half and the second half engulfed Dundalk and helped Arsenal get all 3 points in the second match of Group B Europa League this year. Notably, the 3rd goal of the home team is really a super product to satisfy fans.

The in-form striker under Mikel Arteta’s reign, Nicolas Pepe, has scored one of the most impressive goals since joining Arsenal. The stage of the Ivory Coast star made Mr. Arteta extremely excited.

At the beginning of the second half, Nicolas Pepe received the ball at the edge of the box. He kept the ball under his shoes very technically, before putting the ball in the top corner of the Dundalk goal with his right foot. The 25-year-old striker’s exemplary handling phase has made everyone admire and give many praise.

“It was a beautiful goal. It was scored with his right foot, his non-dominant foot, it was strange. However, it was exactly a great goal,” coach Arteta told BT Sport. Pepe’s 3-0 victory also helped the Spaniard feel more confident before the “great war” match with MU in Round 7 of the Premier League this weekend.

“We didn’t have a hard win because we played more disciplined and did exactly what we set out to do from the start. The way we lost to Leicester is so painful. You need to get back to winning streak soon. All are ready for the match at Old Trafford and we will try to win that match, ” said Coach Arteta.