Identify the encounters in the round 1/8 Champions League

The draw ceremony for the 1/8 round of the Champions League 2020/2021 brought a lot of interesting and interesting matches. Join our soccer prediction experts to evaluate the team’s chances of going forward in each match.

Monchengladbach vs Man City

I wonder if there is an invisible force behind or not, but once again, Man City falls into a fairly easy bracket in the knockout round. The visit to Monchengladbach reminds the Green Man many beautiful memories when he defeated the representative from Germany in the 2015/2016 season.

Although Gladbach has successfully overcome the difficult group with the appearance of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but football experts still rate Man City much higher. With better force and experience in the European arena, The Citizen can completely reach the goal of reaching the quarterfinals if they play properly.

Lazio vs Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is definitely a name that no team in group 2 wants to meet. They are currently the champions of the Champions League and still maintain the same destructive form as last season. Therefore, people who watch football live have partly seen the “sad ending” for Lazio.

Despite a spectacular return to Europe’s No. 1 arena, but with the encounter with Bayern too early, Lazio’s chances seem very small.

Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

This is one of the matches that is considered the most attractive in the eighth round. Despite playing impressively and excelling at the top of the table, Chelsea is quite black when it comes to the most potato opponent in group 2 called Atletico Madrid.

With forces of the same level, Atletico Madri and Chelsea will certainly bring a dramatic and attractive showdown. Football experts believe that coach and coach Frank Lampard with his innovation this season will be able to make a story.

RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

RB Leipzig went on to prove that they were one of the four best teams in Europe last season was well deserved. Being in the same group as PSG and Man Utd, however RB Leipzig played great and directly sent the red devil away from the Champions League in a very convincing way.

The Cow Herd will be a big challenge for Premier League champions Liverpool. However, with their level, The Kops are still the most appreciated ones. In particular, playing the second leg at Anfield’s home field will be a big advantage for coach Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students when RB Leipzig is not playing well on away land.


Solskjaer responded to Mino Raiola

In response to Mino Raiola’s provocative words on Tuttosport 2 days ago, Coach Ole Solskjaer made a sharp speech.

On the eve of the very important match for Man Utd before RB Leipzig in the Champions League took place, the live football viewer could not help but shaken with the words of “super stork” Mino Raiola. Specifically, he said the relationship between the Reds and his client Paul Pogba has come to an end. He shared that the French midfielder would not sign with the Old Trafford team and the best way is that Man Utd should let his client go in the January transfer window if he does not want to lose him in the summer of 2021.

Immediately after Raiola’s speech was widely reported by the media, Paul Pogba continued to be “out of the way” by coach Ole Solskjaer during his trip to Germany last night. After the match, the Norwegian military leader said that the failure to enter Pogba’s name in the starting lineup was purely for expertise, not for any other reason.

However, after the team received defeat and was eliminated from Europe’s No. 1 arena, Ole was still very angry with Mino Raiola. During his post-match press conference, he said:

“This is truly a painful failure. However, the team is still fine. We are a united group and the most important thing now is to get through this difficult period together. Hopefully, the Pogba representative will be aware that football is a sport that requires solidarity and for the better, we have to work hard together. This will be the last time I mention this because I don’t want to waste my time on nothing.

I cannot answer for Paul whether he is currently happy or not. If you want to know that, you will have to meet him in person to ask. I just knew that he was working hard to get back into the roster. This is not the right time to talk about a transfer”.


Willian receives a higher salary than any Liverpool player (Part 2)

Let’s continue to the previous post! With his current salary, Willian will be fourth in joining the ranks of Manchester City, behind Kevin De Bruyne (£ 350,000/week), Raheem Sterling (300,000) and Sergio Aguero (£ 240,000).

Willian receives a higher salary than any Liverpool player. Despite losing the Champions League spot, Arsenal are still paying large sums of money. Willian is not the highest earning person in the eighth Premier League club. Mesut Ozil (£ 350,000 per a week) is undoubtedly the strangest salary in the Premier League as he is entering the twilight of his career and is currently at odds with the board and unable to join the team, or not even regular main stone.

It is thought that Willian’s salary will be quickly surpassed by striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, if the Gabon player chooses to sign a new contract at Emirates. He is currently paid £ 200,000 a week. Players including Hector Bellerin, Granit Xhaka and Bernd Leno all make half of what Willian is entitled to under his current contract with Arsenal. Willian also now makes more money than Harry Kane, the Tottenham striker and England captain. Kane is the 10th highest-paid player in the tournament, on par with Salah, Mane and Aubameyang.

Coach Mikel Arteta was desperate for Willian, a player strongly believed to have played a key role in the club’s transformation under the Spaniard. Arsenal officially confirmed the transfer on Friday morning, when Willian revealed it would wear the number 12 shirt.

Chelsea had to accept Willian leave when the club could only meet a two-year contract and even wanted to cut down on the previous salary. The Blues are busy in the transfer market this summer after Frank Lampard has finally been allowed to sign the player after the club’s transfer ban expires. Chelsea broke its salary record, after turning Timo Werner into the club’s highest-paid player at £ 270,000 a week.