Because Maradona, Argentina left for three days of national mourning

Before the huge loss after the death of football legend Diego Maradona, Argentina vowed to mourn his country within three days.

Last night, the world football village received a real shock when it was heard that the legendary Diego Maradona died after a heart attack, enjoying the age of 60. Many stars as well as live football viewers have been extremely sad because Maradona is a symbol of the ball and the inspiration for many generations of players.

For Argentina alone, Maradona is simply a saint, a national treasure. Therefore, when he heard that this legend breathed his last, many tears rolled down the cheeks of a football lover in the country of Tango. A lot of fans gathered at Obelisk to say goodbye to “Golden Boy”, who brought the world championship to Argentina in 1984.

According to the information published by Ole, the President of Argentina, Mr. Alberto Fernandez, has decided to spend 3 days to organize national mourning over the country to commemorate the great monument of world football. This decree was passed by President Fernandez as soon as Maradona said goodbye to mortality.

Sharing about the loss of the whole nation, President Alberto Fernandez was extremely shocked and moved. He said:

“What a bad day. Up to now I still can’t believe this is true. Really this is information that no Argentinian wants to receive. We all love him and hope he will be so happy in heaven. Maradona’s legacy will never be lost and will always last with time”.

Currently, there is not any information about Argentina will hold a funeral for Diego Maradona. According to Ole, it is possible that the leader of this country will hold a funeral at a large stadium to express their regret and affection for the Golden Boy.