Belgium’s team suspects that Real Madrid uses “dirty moves” to protect Hazard

Many members of the Belgian team are doubting Real Madrid using “dirty moves” to help Eden Hazard avoid injury due to the FIFA virus.

The source of the HLN television channel (Het Laatste Nieuws) said that the members of the Belgian team are doubting Real Madrid using “dirty moves” to protect Eden Hazard. They do not believe that Hazard has contracted COVID-19.

This suspicion comes from the time Real Madrid announced Hazard was infected and the time the Belgian had to stop playing. Hazard was positive for COVID-19 just before Real Madrid’s match against Valencia in La Liga.

Real Madrid announced that Hazard and Casemiro were infected with COVID-19

Under current prevention rules, Hazard will be quarantined for at least 10 days. This time is enough to help Real Madrid players avoid playing in the next three matches of the Belgian team this month against Switzerland (11/11), England (November 15) and Denmark (November 18).

That coincidence gives the Belgian team a reason to suspect Real Madrid deliberately made a fake medical record to protect his star.

In fact, the conflict between the two sides appeared from the international series in September. The Belgian team eliminated Hazard from the list of play due to injury during training but kept the player, not returned to Real Madrid. .

This makes Hazard’s injury recovery process take longer than expected. After that, Real Madrid announced that they did not want the Belgian team to summon Hazard because this was not in line with their plans.

Remember, Hazard has involved seven injuries since joining Real Madrid last season. Constant injuries caused the Belgian to take 240 days off and miss 34 matches. This is one of the main reasons why Hazard did not play well in his first season with Real Madrid.

Hazard has only just returned to play after more than two months of sidelined treatment. He scored a beautiful goal against Huesca and has a good connection with his teammates. Therefore, coach Zidane of course does not want Hazard to return to the Belgian team at this time and face the risk of injury due to the FIFA virus.