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Thomas Partey – sublime ball competition talent (Part 1)

Midfielder Thomas Partey, in an interview for the first time after coming to Arsenal, reiterated his nickname “octopus” from the Almeria era because of his sublime ball competition.

In the town of Krobo Odumase, eastern Ghana, the Parteys often get up early and run up the mountains. Led by Mr. Jacob, father of five children. He wants to help his children develop strength and improve soccer skills with any tool at hand.

As the eldest son in a family of four half-brothers, from a very early age, Thomas knew what to do: “Dad wanted me to become a professional footballer,” he said. “We’re always aiming for that. He has been with us running up the mountains since dawn. We practice jumping and hitting our heads, with the ball being the leaves in the air. Father is the head coach my fairy”.

Jacob is also sure to know what he wants. He tutored Thomas since he was very young. He nurtured his son’s dream of being a player until he became a good midfielder in Europe. That journey started under the trees in the hills of Krobo Odumase, and now continues at Arsenal, where Partey just landed last week for a fee of $ 58 million.

That transfer fee means sky-high expectations for Partey. Arsenal waits for Partey’s skills and strength to help the team under Mikel Arteta become more fighting and more cohesive. “This is a new challenge for me,” Partey said in his first interview at the club. “I will never give up, even in the worst of situations. I need to work hard. I’ve been here and know that the only way to meet everyone’s expectations is to train hard and kick out”.

Partey’s way of talking in real life contrasts with courage on the field. Polite and somewhat shy, he met his new teammates for the first time on October 13, arriving at the training ground immediately after working on national duties for Ghana in Turkey. He answers questions with a smile on his face, is open and relaxed throughout the interview.