Ronaldo scored above Pele, about to become the No. 2 goalscorer of all time

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially surpassed Pele in the number of goals and has a clear chance of becoming the best goalscorer in football history.

Juventus won the ticket from the previous match but still had a strong and easy 3-0 victory over Dynamo Kiev to keep their hopes of taking the top of Group G group stage of the Champions League. Federico Chiesa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata each score 1 goal to help Juventus have 12 points after 4 games, they are 3 points behind Barcelona but have a chance of winning the first place if they win the last match.

With the goal scored in the 57th minute of this match, Cristiano Ronaldo has set new milestones in his career. It was his 750th goal in his career, both at club level and at the national team level, in which 75 goals were scored for Juventus (accounting for exactly 10%). In fact, Ronaldo may have surpassed the total goals he scored at MU if he kicked another season, CR7 scored 118 goals for MU in 6 seasons from 2003/04 to 2008/09.

Ronaldo has on average scored 0.77 goals per game for Juventus, in fact the highest goal rate of any player who has played for Juventus in the past 50 years. Omar Sivori, Roberto Baggio, Filippo Inzaghi and David Trezeguet all have a scoring rate exceeding 0.64 goals / game and they are all illustrious players who once wore the “Old Lady” shirt.

Currently Ronaldo needs 15 more goals to overcome Inzaghi in the list of the top 15 greatest striker of Juventus, Inzaghi has scored 89 times in the period 1997-2001. CR7 could also make it to the top 10 by Federico Munerati, who scored 113 in 1922-1933, just 38 more than Ronaldo currently has. It should be added that Paulo Dybala, Ronaldo’s teammate, had 95 goals and took 14th place.

But most notably, the Portuguese superstar overcame Pele to officially become the third best striker in world football history. The last goal is Ronaldo’s 768th goal at all levels (including youth club and youth team), surpassing 767 goals of “Soccer King” Pele. Not only that, Ronaldo only needs 5 more goals to surpass another Brazilian legend Romario in second place, who has 772 goals.

1st place is still difficult to break when Jose Bican, a Czech legend playing in the first half of the twentieth century, has more than 805 goals and his number of goals is said to be more than that because he played in World War II and the exact numbers cannot be counted.


MU will earn lots of money if joining in the friendly match in India

MU will earn a significant amount of money if they reach a friendly agreement with the East Bengal club of India.

According to sources from the UK, MU is negotiating with East Bengal Club for the first time making a tour of India. The four-person delegation of MU led by the Director of football affairs – Mr. Alan Dawson led to India to conduct talks to come to the conclusion of an agreement between the parties.

If the East Bengal club finds sponsors, it is likely that this team will pay MU a bribe amount of up to £3 million. It is expected that the friendly match will be held on August 1. The match will be held on Yuvabharati Krirancan Stadium and this is also the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the East Bengal team.

India is a potential market with many big teams in the world with a large population and a stable economy. However, not many European clubs have exploited this market in recent years.

Currently, MU is in the process of retiring according to the Winter Break schedule for the first time applied by the Premier League orginizer. The Reds will return to Premier League matches on February 17 with the match against Chelsea.

Manchester United are in talks with the East Bengal club for a friendly match in India this summer 2020, thereby earning £ 3 million for just 90 minutes of almost performing.

News from the foggy media reported that Manchester United are negotiating with the East Bengal club to make their first trip to India this summer 2020. Since last year, a delegation of four from the English club, led by Chief Executive Alan Dawson, came to conduct talks for the signing of an agreement between the parties.

If East Bengal finds sponsors, it is likely that this team will pay MU a bribe amount of up to £ 3 million. It is expected that the friendly match will be held on August 1.

On the threshold of this season, MU has originally traveled in Asia and according to the interwoven routine, they will return to North America in the summer of 2020. With fertile land of India, there is potential and a fair opportunity to advertise. image, the Red Devils are considering the possibility of breaking.